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What are chinon chiffon sarees?

Sarees are perfect for every mood and every occasion. There is a saree for everything! It’s such an attire, that one can sport with almost any kind of jewelry and footwear. One can even find women trending sarees while on a morning run and that too with sneakers on! Sarees date back to as long as the Gupta Dynasty and we can see mention of them in old stories and even paintings from that time. Sarees were also traded at that time and often sewed with threads of pure gold and silver and given as royal gifts. Often these were family heirlooms too.

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Such sarees were spun out heavy textiles before, as lightweight sarees were considered blasphemous during olden times. However, with the advent of the newer eras and change in style and fashion, light and easy to carry sarees came into vogue. One of the famous ones being chiffon. Spun out of cotton, silk or synthetic fabrics like rayon, these smooth and semi transparent fabrics are a still coveted possession. Most of us usually prefer wearing this kind, especially first timers as these sarees stay put and doesn’t go astray. Chiffons come in a variety of colors and can be dyed out as per preference.

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These sarees are usually left pretty basic or embroidered with floral or archaic designs. Chiffons are often printed and lined with satin ribbons or zari borders to give them a grand look! Chiffons are perfect for every occasion and can be worn as per the hour and event! It’s also the kind of material that easily dries up even and can be worn during the rainy season.

It’s one versatile fabric! Such is the magic of chiffon!

Most of us are well acquainted with the word chiffon and know about its existence and appearance. But, how many of us have heard about the term ‘chinon chiffon’? Well, not many of course as this a rare and high end variety.

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You don’t find chinon chiffons in every shop you visit, no matter how huge their collection is! Some just know the basic variety of chiffon and show you that even if you ask for chinon.

So, how do we differentiate between the classic chiffon and chinon chiffon? It’s easy peazy lemon squeezy! The classics are very transparent and a little coarse when touched by the hand, however chinon chiffons are smooth, translucent and watery. They both have the non crumpling nature, but being woven out of finer material, chinon chiffons give a sophisticated look altogether! Another attractive and awesome fact about chinon chiffon, that the classic chiffon lacks, is it’s iridescent quality. Chinon chiffons change colors when exposed to light and give you a real life rainbow filter effect, which normally we find in Jamevar sarees and of course in our Instagram face filters. This effect is vernacularly called ‘Mayur Kanthi’, meaning Peacock’s Throat, as the skin around a peacock’s throat, does change color the same way! Pretty fascinating and ethereal!

It’s actually wonderful how we find everything inspired from nature and how nature has its own jaw dropping hues and art! Iridescent qualities are added by combining threads of the same shade but different undertones, usually pink, blue and green. The expert hands of the weavers, wove out these delicates from three different spindles and they are showcased right in front of us while we decide on which one to choose!

It’s like a fairytale that you drape around yourself and look like a real queen, which each one of us are! So the next time, when you are torn between choosing what kind of saree fabric to go for, do add a chinon chiffon to your list, because you won’t find anything like it!