Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic in India to contour and/or darken the eyelids and as mascara for the eyelashes. It is worn mostly by women, but also by some men and children.

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Kohl, an important part of a woman’s belongings . Without kohl, life almost seems impossible. Just like air, water, etc is a necessity, kohl is a necessity as well! From stage performances back at school to prom, Kohl has been our best friend throughout. We all are a little scared, while trying it out the first time. Maybe it will hurt or maybe it will create a burning sensation, the reflex from the eyes that makes them watery and ruins the entire masterpiece. We all have been there once. However, once you have mastered the art of making your eyes attractive, there is no stopping you. You go through various tutorials and varieties of eyeliners.

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Being a pro at the winged eyeliner thingy, is a life goal nowadays, both among the new and the old. Getting that wing right on both sides finally, is like a dream come true. Kohl is not just a thing from the recent times, it dates back to centuries and one can see olden day queens using it to darken their eyes. Previously, it was known as Surma. Was made from a diya flame, by holding a ghee covered leaf over it. The soot collected on the leaf and it was made into a paste and stored in containers.

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Nowadays, kohl is readily available in both liquid as well as pencils. Also, comes as smudge proof and water proof. Some even claim to have moisturising properties, that protect the eyes from UV rays. There is a huge bunch of brands to choose from. Remember that time, when you used to sneak in mom’s old kajal pencil which she no longer used into your bag and using your pencil sharpener to sharpen and use it, only to get into trouble when the teachers noticed. Though, that was dreaded back then, it sure was fun!

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Kohl is also considered as a protection against all evils. Mothers draw a huge circular bindi on their new born’s forehead to keep away the evil. Grown ups put on a small black tika on their chin or on the side of their head, to keep away bad vibes that might affect and harm one. Being black, it is considered as a protection against all evils.

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It is also an important part of worshipping God’s and Goddeses, homemade Kohl is used to line the eyes of the idol, while the sound of the coonch shell and bell follows with it. A leaf twig is used to pick up the Kohl and carefully use it to outline the eyes. A ritual that has come down, from generation to generation.

Women have passed down this beautiful creation from generation to generation, it is such a beautiful accessory, that it can surpass any other jewelry. Kohl draws in attention to the eyes and also, reduces the hairline for those with wider foreheads. Its the best jewelry a woman can sport and nothing compares to the jet black color that gives an in depth view into the eyes. Making them look bigger, sparkly and thoughtful.

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